Sushi Chopsticks


Limited edition
99 pieces

A tool for tasting

Sushi has now become very popular in Occident. The traditional sushis are even revisited through occidental influences; in a fusion with ‘foreign’ ingredients like foie gras or beef… However one should not forget that at its roots, traditional sushi-making is an art. Each sushi is crafted with care, love and exactness.This is what Boutillon wanted to celebrate through his creation.

Comfortable Instrument 

The handling ability of the chopstick must be comfortable for all, despite one’s unique way of handling chopsticks. Clément chooses to create a simple shape. The Khamai Chopsticks have a flat profile for soft sensations. This flat profile twist at its extremity to offer a gently grasp of the sushi piece.


The manufacturing of the chopstick is a patient and meticulous process, just as exquisite as the art of sushi-making . Therefore, each chopstick is sculpted in a brass piece by a jeweller and then silver plated by a Parisian silversmith (with Class 1 Silver), each piece is therefore unique.

These luxury chopsticks are like jewels, they deserve the best attention; a leather case has therefore been created, handcrafted by a French craftsman (available on demand).

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La Maison du Bac
108 Rue du bac
75007 Paris
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 Richard Orfèvre
30 Rue des Gravillers
75003 Paris
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Design: Clément Boutillon
Manufacture: Mathias Baden
Argenture: Richard Orfèvre