The clever object

The Khamai Collection questions our rituals from everyday rituals to the most  sophisticated ones, unveiling new emotional concepts. The objects are clever, innovative and charming.

The Khamai pieces revolve around music, gastronomy, wellbeing, which are Clément Boutillon’s attractive subject. Clément revisits classics with sensuality and anticonfirmism.  Then the designer becomes a chameleon (‘Khamai’-leon), an artist that revives everyday objects through multiple creative lenses; a unique brand is born: the Khamai Collection.

To surprise you 

Khamai is born in Burgundy: a vast and inspiring land, where time seems to be frozen, and the designer can take the time to create, far away from the fast paced city life. The Khamai products are developed carefully, slowly. Ideas are refined for several months, ensuring quality products. The designer works with a deep passion, dedicating all his efforts to create a unique object that will surprise you and delight all your senses.

The craftsman

Each piece is handcrafted  by craftsmen who share the same desire to create new stories. Each object is bespoke, crafted for your eyes only.

The Designer

Clément Boutillon had studied product design for five years in Paris. Soon, he is interested in the beauty of luxury creation and its handmade process.

He gained experience working on many design contest. Often in the ten first position, this experience allowed him to work for Noé Duchaufour as Product designer. Then he became the head of design of Aguessy Studio where he worked for two years, creating a range of luxury pieces exhibited in Paris and New-York.